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Sonoran Stitch Factory is a service provider to fashion designers, apparel companies and commercial and industrial sewn products.  While we focus mostly on production for established brands looking to scale, we are able to assist with resources and referrals to subject matter experts in the Tucson area for ideation and design work, tech packs and patterns.  Sonoran Stitch Factory also provides inventory storage and fulfilling and shipping services, both direct to your consumers and bulk shipping (freight capabilities). 

Fashion Designer Studio


Do you have a great idea but need help making it a reality? We love connecting new brands with subject matter experts in the Tucson area. They can help you in designing solutions that increase functionality and visual appeal and help you with your sketches and rough concepts to design a great product that will meet your customer demands.



Once your concept is developed, we have some amazing pattern-makers we can refer you to who can help you develop your pattern, make samples, coordinate fittings, grade your pattern, prepare markers, and more.

Fashion Designer at Work


Do you need a prototype or sample to show potential clients?  Our team can provide this service based on the work of our own referred patternmakers and tech pack makers, or based on work from another source. 



We are able to provide sourcing services for fabrics, notions, and accessories.  Our team can help identify cost efficient vendors to meet your budget and specified quality requirements.

Cutting Fabric


Our team has the knowledge and equipment to cut a variety of fabrics.  Whether you need cutting for small consumer products or large industrial applications, Sonoran Stitch Factory can meet your needs.

Sewing Machine


​Do you need studio level production for small runs of 50-100 pieces? Or, do you need factory level production in the 100s or even 1,000s of pieces? Our team can accommodate small to medium batch production, from startups to large commercial contracts.

(depending on the product, from 50 units to 4,000 units/month)

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 50 units/month

All pieces are sewn by our in-house veteran sewing team.

Warehouse Workers


If you need short-term or long-term storage, we can manage your inventory of fabric supplies and finished products - whether you are a wholesale, retail, or web-based businesses.

Product Inventory


How do you get your product to customers? Many retail and web-based companies use our full-service fulfillment including picking, kitting, packing, and shipping of your products to ensure a great customer experience.

Services: Products
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