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How the innovative Southern Arizona economy is thriving


May 17, 2022

Article by Erin Thorburn of AZBigMedia

Organizations such as Sun Corridor and Arizona Association For Economic Development (AAED) alongside various city and state leaders are much like the Wandering Albatross, serving as Southern Arizona’s proverbial wings — expanding economic reach, dollars and regional cooperation. Like an impressive wingspan helps the albatross remain in flight, a talented workforce fueled by educational resources aids in an economy’s prosperity. And so it is for Southern Arizona. “In other efforts, this year we celebrated the launch of Arizona Stitch Lab; a program that aims to help fill the gap in the industrial sewing workforce,” says Barbra Coffee, economic initiatives director for the City of Tucson.

The Arizona Stitch Lab’s partnership between the Sonoran Stitch Factory, the City of Tucson, nonprofit Moonshot and the Pascua Yaqui Tribe is yet another example of Southern Arizona’s collaborative spirit in action. “This program will train about 100 people each year as sewing machine operators, digital pattern makers, 3D modelers, and technicians, while also offering an entrepreneurial track,” Coffee concludes.

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